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Project Manager II

Project Manager II
IT Infrastructure/Special Systems
Supervises projects as Owner's Representative regarding IT systems on various projects from inception through completion. Plans, supervises, and coordinates project activities to ensure that the goals and objectives of the project are accomplished within prescribed time frames and funding parameters by performing the following duties: This position will be responsible for supporting Airport Terminal Element Project Managers with the requirements, design, multiple contractor design coordination, and bid package completion for specific IT & Special Systems that are being constructed and installed within Terminal Element projects.
Duties and Responsibilities
Basic understanding of IT systems design concepts and construction management techniques and procedures:
• Ability to read and comprehend construction drawings, one-line drawings, block diagrams, and wiring diagrams.
• Understanding of IT system design and interfaces/integration between multiple systems.
• Understanding IT system installation in building construction context.
• Knowledge of closeout documentation process.
• Technical knowledge to address potential impacts to airport operations from project activities.
• Coordinate design problem resolution, design record keeping and reporting, and design team coordination. Coordination of IT and Special Systems interfaces within and without assigned projects.
Client Responsibilities
• Represents, advises, and consults with the client during construction administration.
• Researches, plans, design, and administer building projects for client; applying knowledge of design, construction procedures, building codes, and applicable standards.
• Presents and explains design of project to client and other team representatives.
• Takes an active role during construction administration to represent, advise, and consult with the client.
• Conduct meetings with stakeholders, vendors, and contractors to manage IT scope on projects and address any IT related items.
• Coordinate with stakeholders and contractors to maintain a clear line of communication for scope and schedule updates.
• Gathering and preparation of closeout documents necessary for the turnover of completed systems to the client.
General Responsibilities
• Attention to detail and accuracy.
• Communication skills to interface with client, vendors, contractors, and various stakeholders to discuss project goals, and design in a professional and productive manner.
• Ability to learn client processes and ask appropriate questions.
• Enthusiasm and willingness to participate and work well in a team environment.
• Flexibility to work odd hours when night/early morning work may be necessary.
• Ability to work safely and securely in public areas with the situational awareness.
• Process oriented to follow methodology of IT system delivery.
• Adapt to dynamic environment where responsibilities or duties might shift in supporting other team member's projects.
• Review and/or maintain running project meetings to track agreed upon resolutions, issue tracking and responsibilities.

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