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Sample Business Analyst Mobile Applications Los Angeles World Airport Job Description

Business Analyst-Mobile Applications-Los Angeles World Airport

    Los Angeles World Airport- Information Management & Technologies Group


Assignment Description: Provide Consultant that will provide LAWA Mobile App Business Requirements and Product/Technical Specifications



Business/Systems Analyst who has the knowledge, experience, and expertise in the analysis and development of Mobile App Business Requirements and Product/Technical Specifications.  This individual should have strong analytical skills in determining LAWA's mobile app for business and operational needs.  Prior experience involving analyzing, developing and deploying mobile apps are highly desired.


Duties & Responsibilities:

1)    Provide business analysis and discovery of LAWA needs for mobile app

2)    Perform tasks such as:

  • Meet with various groups in LAWA in order to determine the Business Requirements
    • What is the purpose of the mobile app and what is it trying to accomplish?
    • What is the current problem(s) it will solve?
    • How will it streamline or improve the current process?
    • What should the app be able to do it in terms of functionalities?
    • What features will the app have?
    • Which features are "must" versus "nice to have"?
  • Meet with IMTG to determine the Product/Technical Requirements to determine the following:
    • What platform(s) will the app be built for (iOS, Android, etc)?
    • What operating system version should support it?
    • What UI/UX features of the mobile apps?
    • What are the maintenance needs and how IMTG would support it for the future?
    • What is the life cycle of the mobile apps (how long should the app function before the overhaul)?
    • What API/Services would the app require? What are the security and identity features the app should have?

3)    Provide recommendations on Mobile Apps Development Best Practices


Deliverables (as applicable to the task order period):

  • Mobile App Business Requirements
  • Product/Technical Specifications Document
  • High level Visual conceptual diagram/layout of LAWA mobile application



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